Digital Footprints and the Teacher

We also talked about  how important it is to build a positive digital footprint, and how to help students build their digital footprint as well. As educators it is our responsibility to model appropriate digital behavior and teach our students proper netiquette so they can also have a positive digital footprint.

To view my presentation, check out my prezi.

via  (blog post: Professionalism in a Digital Age | Technology Chatter

A good post and presentation about digital footprints and our responsibilities as educators. Some good points are made. The question of ‘befriending’ students on Facebook seems to be contentious. Some say they do it, others do not. I personally would not, but then, I use Facebook to keep in touch with family only. Things might be different in higher ed than secondary school as well. To me, this is a personal decision, however, one must be always building a positive digital footprint and model this for our students, regardless of age.


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