Whining & Complaining

Two problems with whining

The first is that it doesn’t work. You can whine about the government or your friends or your job or your family, but nothing will happen except that you’ll waste time.

Worse… far worse… is that whining is a reverse placebo. When you get good at whining, you start noticing evidence that makes your whining more true. So you amplify that and immerse yourself in it, thus creating more evidence, more stuff worth complaining about.

This quote is from Seth Godin’s blog, the entire post is here!

Have you ever whined or complained? I am sure you have, we all do. Seth raises a good point, how much time do we spend whining? Does it help? I guess it does sometime, as the saying goes “The squeeky wheel gets the grease”, however, most often we whine and complain just to do it. It serves no useful purpose. It is also contagious, one person does it, then another and another. Soon we are stressed, upset and very unhappy about everything. It makes our schools and workplaces a negative place to be. It is desirable to question, to critique, but the goal should be to make things better, to improve, to expand our learning. Imagine if the time spent whining was spent working for improvemnt and tolerance, what a world this would be.


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