Reasons to Love Being a Teacher

5. It is my primary creative outlet – I truly enjoy crafting a learning experience for my students

4. It is personal – I have been able to merge my personal interests in literature and what I do on a daily basis.

3. Seeing the growth of students – There is a fantastic fulfillment in seeing a student you have worked with develop their skills and reach the outcomes

2. Connecting with professionals –  sharing what you do 

1. Connection to the future – These are the individuals who will rise to power, move through jobs into management and claim their share of the world around them … Only time will tell if I have had the impact on these young people I have hoped to, but the opportunity to do so is the greatest reason I do what I do.

In this highly personal post, Derek Keenan (a teacher in Alberta) shares his top five reasons why he loves being a teacher (see the complete post here). They are wonderful reasons and I would not argue with any of them. Reasons like these are why I am entering my 33rd year as an educator, including 30 years in public schools. Teaching is a stressful, demanding career, but it is immensely rewarding as well. All educators have days when they question their career choice or wonder if it is all worth it, however, when we stop and reflect on the rewards and the difference they make in the lives of kids – reasons like those raised by Mr. Keenan – the second thoughts fade away. His number one reason reminds me of one of my favorite quotes about education, words said by the teacher in space, Christa McAuliffe, who died in the Challenger disaster in 1986; “I touch the future … I teach”.

What are you reasons for teaching?


image adapted from: “STS-86 Launch” NASA/courtesy of

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