Do Positive People Live Longer? If so, be positive!

Most people assume that positive thinking is just something that we do to help achieve our goals, or even to get through difficult times. But a host of exciting research has shown that attitude affects our health — so much so, in fact, that a positive attitude can add years to our lives.

This is the introductory paragraph from a story by David R. Hamilton, Ph.D in the Huffington Post. The article summarizes several research studies that examine how positive attitude affects health. Several studeis point out the benefits of being positive. How this might work is also explained, including the fact that positive people have reduced stress levels. He gives some ideas to help focus on the positive;

How do we turn our minds to more positive things? Counting blessings is a simple way. Make a list of five to ten things that you are grateful for that have happened in the last 24 hours, and do this every day for a month. Or challenge yourself to go three weeks without complaining, moaning, or criticizing.

Or do you have a tendency to “make mountains out of molehills”? If so, try out the opposite just for a week. Try making molehills out of mountains.

Often we whine and complain and look at the worst. As they sing in Monty Python’s “Life of Brian”, why not try looking on the ‘bright side of life”?



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