Quote of the day

Curriculum can be a guide or it can be a prison.

This quote caught my eye. It was a single line in a blog post about accountability and curriculum by Joe Bower. A very good question. I ask my students a similar question about lesson plans, I think I will reword it; Is your lesson plan a guide or a prison? In my mind, lessons, like all plans, are a guide, they should be flexible and the teacher must adapt and change on the fly to meet the needs of students and not be a slave to the plan.

(Thanks, Joe)


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day

  1. B White

    Great Quote – I really believe that some teachers feel that way – this just reinforces the idea that there needs to be a list of essential outcomes for curriculum.

  2. Mike Nantais

    Thanks for stopping by, Brad. I do think there is a place for outcomes and accountability, but teachers should be accountable to their students first and curriculum documents, should be exactly what we always called them; guides.

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