Videos for Educators

  • Sir Ken Robinson, Changing education paradigms (11 minutes)
  • Sugatra Mitra, The child-driven education (17 minutes)
  • Clay Shirky, How cognitive surplus will change the world (13 minutes)
  • Chris Anderson, How web video powers global innovation (19 minutes)
  • Dean Shareski, Sharing: The moral imperative (25 minutes)
  • Henry Jenkins, TEDxNYED (18 minutes)
  • Daniel Pink, Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us (11 minutes)
  • Dan Meyer, Math class needs a makeover (12 minutes)
  • Jeff Jarvis, TEDxNYED (17 minutes)
  • Lisa Nielsen, Response to principal who bans social media (4 minutes)
  • New Brunswick Department of Education, 21st century education in New Brunswick (6 minutes)
  • Charles Leadbeter, On innovation (19 minutes)
  • This blog post by Scott McLeod lists 12 videos to provoke thinking in educators. I have seen several (all excellent), and will watch the rest. What would you add to this list?


    2 thoughts on “Videos for Educators

    1. B White

      This is great to use as a resource. I showed the video – The 21st century in New Brunswick to staff – very interesting. I watched the video on the Principal who bans social media – I loved the contrasting text to the interview – it was nice to share this with two teachers today in our conversations. Also I watched the "Mathclass needs a makeover" I forwarded the site to a HS Math teacher who believes in problem solveing and he replied that he was going to try a few of the ideas today. Thanks for sharing these sites.

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