If we know that there is a better way of doing something, and we have to change our past practice to make it better, is it that people do not like change or the work that change encompasses?

from the blog of George Couros

Endless conversation about change is the barrier. Actually committing to doing something and then acting is what is required.

response to George’s post by D. Jakes (link above)

Those of us working in education today know what has to be done in order to reshape the teaching and learning cultures found within our schools that have failed to adapt to an evolving world.  We need to lead the change movement through action instead of engaging in what seems to be never-ending talk about the “why” and “how” associated with the process.

The comments above about change in education say a lot. I agree that the old adage “talk is cheap” is true. Many people talk about change in schools, but then carry on doing the same old thing. Educators at all levels are busy people and sometimes it is easier to fall into traditional ways of teaching, however, if we want change to occur, we must act. The conversation is important too, however, as the three people above state, we need to back up the talk with action. As Ghandi famously stated: “Be the change that you want to see in the world” and “Action expresses priorities.” What action are you going to take to make positive change in education?
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