Change Now, not in the future

I have a suggestion. Let’s stop talking about the future and start doing something now! Generations of children have missed-out on rewarding educational experiences while we worry about how corporate meetings will be conducted in 2019. Sheesh!

In this post, Gary Stager implores educators (& others) to stop talking about educational reform in terms of the future – and to act now. I certainly agree with this sentiment. When I started teaching over 30 years ago, there eas talk of inquiry based and procet based learning. I am seeing signs of real change in education at all levels, it is slow to come, and many people drag their feet or see reform as more testing, back to the old ways of doing things. It is high time we made real positive change for learners and quit trying to solve percieved problems with more of the same old – and do it now, not in 5 or 10  years.

(I grabbed this quote on January 04, 2011, talk about acting now! 🙂


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