Comments on Online Learning

Not saying there isn’t any value to offering classes online. But if we do, let’s make sure they take advantage of the online piece to let participants develop the connections that will sustain them far beyond the class. Or, if not, let’s call it what it is…online coursework, not learning.

This is an excerpt from a Will Richardson blog post. He is responding to a post in the Huffignton Post about the benefits of online learning. While online learning can provide anytime, anywhere learning, I would agree with Richardson, that for real deep learning connections of all sorts must be made – with the material being studied, with people and ideas. It is not about getting a course done faster and working ahead, although I can see that as something a secondary student might like – heck, I would probably like to get some of them (courses) finished earlier too! If online learning is going to be innovative, it must, as Richardson points out, take advantage of what the Internet has to offer, not just dump content on to a screen that one can race through.


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