Good Question!

Those selling “21st Century Skills,” “college for all,” KIPP, charter schools, common core standards, and pay-4-performance, however, want schools to prepare children and youth for what is, not for what society should be. These advocates have seen, and continue to see schools as boot camps for society as it is…

Yet each generation of reformers has contained those who also see public schools as instruments of social change that can make the lives of marginalized children far better than now exist. They are hardy and tough-minded; they do not let the facts of the past cloud their dreams nor halt their efforts. The question, then, remains open as it was a century ago: What role should public schools in a democratic society play?


democracy and education 

photo © 2009 CHRIS DRUMM | more info (via: Wylio)


from the blog post: A Pedagogy of Culture and Power: School Reform for Social Justice | Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice

In this post, Larry Cuban asks what the purpose of schooling should be, education fo rthe world as it is – or should be. A great questions that has implications no matter the answer. IS the answer one, the other, or both? I encourage you to read the original post and reflect an this important question.


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