Learning is Continous

As educators, we need to stop thinking of learning in yearly segments.  Learning is continuous, along with the process of change and growth. …  When we are rushing to get everything done by the end of the year through our own growth process, that is when things feel like add-ons and we lose our belief in them.  … The tools might be different, but the learning should be continuous and built upon.  If we really believe that an idea is truly  better for education, the process will (and should) take awhile.

Is this not a great way to role model to our students that we are continuous learners?

via georgecouros.ca at The Prinicipal of Change

In this post, George was talking about changes in schools, but the idea can be applied to any and all learning. We chunk learning into units and courses – artificially to fit into some predetermined time frame. I guess some things must come to an end, but learning is not one of them. Although a course might finish or a school year end, the learning does not, but it might take a new direction or emphasis. With our emphasis on time frames and grades are we rushing learning? Why can’t a student pick up and continue where he/she left off instead of starting again? What is so wrong if one person learns something in 3 days and another in 6? As George states this is true of change – which is learning – it needs time to be thought through, take hold and be nurtured, not rushed and abandoned at the first sign of it fading. In my own learning, although the courses I take end, the learning that starts in them continues, the Ph.D. is one step in a learning process, and each course is just one piece of that growth process, not an end in itself. The final statement is also important, as educators, we must be good role models too. How do you live life-long learning?


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