Ask the Hard Questions – self-reflection

For too long, school has acted for too many kids as the greatest extinguisher of curiosity. If we are serious about creating lifelong learners, school needs to stop looking so much like school. If we want to make things better for our children, we need to start questioning what we consider to be the obvious.

This is why the most successful parents and educators are constantly reflecting on their own beliefs and practices. They are in a constant state of acute mindfulness.

And it starts by asking the question: I say I want this, so then why am I doing that?


If many of our kids dislike school, Joe asks us to reflect and ask why? And I agree with Joe, it starts with each individual, do our actions reflect our beliefs? There are systemic pressures, but change can start with some little things in our own practice. Check out the complete post (You say you want this, so then why are you doing that?) for a list of practices to think about – and links to reasons to change them.


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