Social Reproduction by Schooling


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Schooling is powerfully self-replicating, making almost all of us complicit in its protection of its own practices.

Everyone has an opinion about school. Most of us have critiques of school, and schools, and schooling. But no matter the critiques and the shifts – whole language through critical pedagogy to ed reform and a call for standardization – no matter the politics and policies and the thousands of good intentions and spirited efforts and debates, schools march on, surprisingly same from decade to decade.

This is an amazing & powerful post by bon stewart. I knew all about what she was writing about, but her personalization of the angst in her decision made the social reproduction of schools so painfully clear. Much food for thought in this honest post! I maintain an optimistic outlook on public education, I believe in public schools, but the slowness of change – and the feeling that ‘we’ (as educators) are often at the whim of forces we do not agree with (so called accountability via testing, for one) can be frustrating. I do think we need to keep working to improve educaiton & schooling. There are pockets of change and excellence, we need to see more of it. I encourage you to read & reflect on this post!


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