Ed Tech: one piece of the puzzle


Technology can facilitate this learning process; it can open up new avenues for learning; it can provide teachers with useful information about their students, and it can point children to lessons geared toward their particular needs. It can do all of this in ways that are clearly superior to other resources or methods of instruction.

But technology doesn’t exist in a vacuum. For technology to have an impact on student achievement, schools also need sound teaching, strong leadership, fidelity of use, and a supportive culture, among other things.

In other words, technology can’t improve student outcomes by itself. Instead, it’s one of several elements that must work together in harmony, like a complex dance, to elicit results.

via eschoolnews.com excerpt from the post: On ed tech, we’re asking the wrong question from Sept 21, 2011

This post makes a good point, educational technology is but one piece in a big puzzle that is education. Teaching & learning is complex, with many factors contributing to success.


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