Explaining Rhizomatic Learning

The problem is I should know better. All of the work you see daddy typing into the computer, when i go on trips or when i’m chatting with people on skype… this is what i tell them. We shouldn’t decide beforehand what we’re going to learn. We shouldn’t decide what’s ‘right or wrong or false’ just to make it easier. When we do that… we stop having fun. We stop making stuff up. And we stop creating.

This excerpt is from an excellent blog post by Dave Cormier. In it he explains ‘rhizomatic learning’ to his 5 year old son. Amazing stuff – and this quote is wonderful – How often do we miss an opportunity for deep meanignful learning when we decide what is true or false and simply move on without exploring. Read this post, it is worth it. How can you make learning in your classroom ‘rhizomatic’?


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