Learning is about People

The real value of education is not really what we learn; it’s how we learn – which involves the effort and process that goes into the act of learning itself.   No matter how many new digital tools come out, the common denominator is still people.  And it will always be people.  The new collaboration revolution in education technology places people squarely at the center of the equation, making it easier to connect and produce solid results.

(Digital Classrooms: Is The Investment Paying Off? – Forbes)

I saw this on George Couros’ Posterous space and went to the article. A good one, this passage speaks volumes. It reminds me of a quote by Arthur C. Clarke, that goes something like; “If a teacher can be replaced by a machine, he/she should be.” I actually used that in a class discussion with my pre-service teachers a few days ago. In some ways it is about the technology, but it is always about people, human interactions are at the core of learning. Read the entire article at Forbes (follow the link). What do you think?


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