The Tech Infused Classroom?

And that’s when I realized — it’s not enough to embed technology.  It’s possible to embed technology in every aspect of teaching and learning and it still be a completely teacher-centred classroom.  The teacher in control of what is learned, how it’s learned and for a large part, how students show their learning. This needs to change.

The real power comes when students take responsibility and ownership for their learning — when they become co-creators of their learning experience, rather than their education being something that is done to them. This is where true student empowerment and engagement begins.

This post by Saskatchewan educator Shelley Wright tells a few wonderful stories to make the point that it really is not about simply infusing (embedding) tech, it is about giving up control to students, allowing them to direct their own learning. What are your thoughts? How can we move to a real student centred pedagogy? Please take the time to read the entire post.


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