Turning off the gadgets?

Step away from the computer (or your friends)

That’s exactly why they have so much to learn from going without their gadgets, according to Steven Womack, a high-school English teacher in Franklin, Tenn. He challenges his students each year to go three days without technology. In the five years he’s given the assignment to his Grade 11 English class, barely 5 per cent have had the willpower to endure. Still, he persists.

I think there is something missing from this statement. Yes we can connect with people face to face, but so many times we don’t realize that we are not asking kids to go away from their devices, but we are asking them to move away from human connections. Just not connections in the way that we used to do it, but in the way they do it. We have to be careful with commentary like this as it says that technology just provides us technology, and nothing else.


George makes a good point in his comments about this excerpt. It is sometimes nice to turn it off – but what are we really doing without when we do?

(this is a first – a quote about a quaote!)


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