Digital Dualism Anyone?

The point isn’t that there exists a digital world that’s fake; it’s that there isn’t a digital world. The hoax is the invention of some cyber-reality we’ve traded the offline for, where interaction is fake. The hoax is this conceptual error that Egan and other digital dualists rely on to make many of their arguments.

These writers get mileage out of calling this a “digital deception,” and declare the Internet “fake” in order to have a convenient answer (“technology!”) for real, messy, complicated, human problems like celebrity, romance, and deception. Blaming technology also provides a simpler solution: “less technology!” And, as I discuss in my IRL Fetish essay, by constructing the digital as some “other” place, and then judging that place as “virtual” and less real, one can then value their own non-use as more human and deep. Ultimately this trend may be less about putting down the digital and those who use it, and more about propping up one’s own non-use.

(from: Digital Life Is A Hoax…Because There’s No Such Thing » Cyborgology by Nathan Jurgenson. Link above)

Digital dualism – the idea that there is a ‘real world’ and a ‘digital world’ that are different, that digital is not real. I thikn Nathan makes a great argument. Read the whole post – what do you think?

This TEDx talk addresses the issue as well;