Don’t Control Your Class

in my room I try hard not to be in control of my class. I want each of my students to be in control of their own learning. Who is in control of your class?

shift control

This is the final line from an interesting blog post. I often use an image that says “Shift Control”. This teacher talks about how she does it.

Image: by M. Nantais (creative commons, atribution, non-commercial)


One thought on “Don’t Control Your Class

  1. Jackie

    Cool connection between image and thoughts, Mike. It’s a good thing to think about. I spent the day planning for my Graduate Summative Seminar class in the summer. I should have read your blog first but, perhaps not surprisingly, I concluded that this was the point in their program that they needed to be in control. I can’t wait for the class, now. I love planning and I will love the class. I hope they do, too! Thanks for the fuel for thought. I enjoyed it.Jackie

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