I have several pieces of unfinished research that I intend to self-publish over the next few months, as I have a lot more time now than I did in the university. I do not intend to bury my research in inaccessible journals; instead, I will disseminate it digitally. I am also in the process of turning myself into a public historian. I will promote history everywhere and anywhere I go, for as long as I can.

I want to live a meaningful life and feel that I can offer more to the public than I could do under the constraints of a thoroughly bureaucratic and inflexible university system. 

this is from: The Guardian, a post about leaving academia by Constantina Katsari

I found this interesting in light of my own recent contemplations of academia (see the related post on my main blog here). While my experience is perhaps not the same as this, I am often frustrated by the world of academia – not enough to leave though. I do love the work I am doing, the freedom to pursue my work and set my schedule (to an extent), the people I have met. However, the amount of work is sometimes overwhelming (often by pressure on myself and the fact I am also attempting to complete my Ph.D.?), and the game to get published articles only , it seems, for the sake of publishing, is a bit of a drag 


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