Tech in Class

Hmmm, I have ignored this blog for  awhile …

This is an excerpt from an article on the Slate site.

The balanced-education formulation advanced by Patricia Greenfield argues just the opposite: Precisely because young people spend so much time with digital media outside of school, schools must offer them a very different kind of education in order to even the cognitive scales. In Greenfield’s view, this means reading copious amounts of old-fashioned literature—just what young people are not doing (according to research) on their own time. I would add that schools could also strive to provide more of the face-to-face contact, the in-person social interaction, that has been largely displaced by young people’s use of Facebook, Twitter, and texting in their off-hours.

While I agree that we need balance (whatever that means for each individual), there is a place for its use in schools. Technology allows new connections, new ways to find, think critically, create, and communicate. We need hands on activities, we need social contact, we need physical activity, we need reading, etc. I think however, that many who argue that tech should be out of schools are missing the ways it is used in innovative classrooms all over – it is not about staring at a screen all day, it is used as needed for learning in many ways.