16244890304I had this post set aside to comment on for a while … time can slip away, we need balance! Oops … in this post, Pernille writes that ‘balance’ is a myth:

In the past few weeks though, I have realized that there is no such as balance.

In fact, I would like to state that balance is much like a unicorn.  Wonderful to dream about even though we all know it doesn’t really exist.

What I do have though is choice.

I can agree to a point. There is lots of talk of balance this and balance that, but little on what that means. If we ‘balance’ our use of screens with not using screens does that mean 50-50? I think there is such a thing as balance, but it depends on the context and person. Balance is a personal thing, what is right for one is not for another, as Pernille points out, it is about choices – and balance can change with the situation. If I have a deadline for something and I deem it important, then something else might have to give. In that sense, Pernille is right.