Are you Scientifically Literate?

Came across this post on Medium. The author, Ethan Siegel, proposes two questions to determine if you are scientifically literate – and they are not one of those quizzes that ask about science knowledge. The questions are:

  • Are you aware of what the enterprise of science is?

  • Do you have an appreciation for how scientific knowledge, understanding and its applications benefit humanity?

32122848972_9ff2132cccHe goes on to explain what a yes answer means. In sort it means you can’t just dismiss facts/evidence you don’t agree with – as in anti-vaxers, climate change deniers etc … A good read.

Photo Credit: Martin_Heigan Flickr via Compfight cc

Using Ed Tech

This post, by Matt Harris, reflects something I have been telling my students: just throwing technology into a classroom – be it a Smartboard, iPads, or other device – will not improve achievement – it takes a skilled teacher to make that kind of change.

If you read the read the research or take a deep look at “failed” tech programs, you will find a common thread that putting a computer in a student’s hand does nothing to guarantee any learning. It will not, in isolation, give student any addition skills or knowledge by virtue of access to technology, digital resources, or the Internet. There is no PROMISE in Educational Technology.