Presence in Online Courses

Sean Michael Morris writes about presence and critical pedagogy in this thoughtful piece. How do we create real presence and community in online courses?

Presence, in other words, is not simply showing up to call on raised hands, answer questions, or deliver Powerpoint lectures. Presence is human, all-too human, because education is human, and learning is a problem that humans must solve. And a teacher’s presence must welcome students’ presence so that the community can begin to answer the questions education demands we address.


Critical Digital Pedagogy

In this article, in one of my favourite journals, Hybrid Pedagogy (and no, not just because I had an article published in it), Sean Michael Morris writes about working in the digital – and in teaching and scholarship. It contains so many wonderful phrases that resonate and make me think. One of my favourite – partly because it is so true for me as well is this,

Right now, the digital is relevant, present, and is that thing that seems to provide the most interesting possibilities and the most contentious challenges in the scholarship and practice of teaching and learning. But it would be a mistake to think that what I do is digital, because what I really do is human.

Take some time and take a read – and check out other articles in this journal, there is lots for contemplation!