Are you Scientifically Literate?

Came across this post on Medium. The author, Ethan Siegel, proposes two questions to determine if you are scientifically literate – and they are not one of those quizzes that ask about science knowledge. The questions are:

  • Are you aware of what the enterprise of science is?

  • Do you have an appreciation for how scientific knowledge, understanding and its applications benefit humanity?

32122848972_9ff2132cccHe goes on to explain what a yes answer means. In sort it means you can’t just dismiss facts/evidence you don’t agree with – as in anti-vaxers, climate change deniers etc … A good read.

Photo Credit: Martin_Heigan Flickr via Compfight cc

Math Anxiety?

This blogger (Broken Penguins) shares her take on math and math education and, I think, hits the nail on the head. One of the biggest problems with math education, in my opinion, is summed up in this quote. Why is it a badge of honour to proclaim that you hate math or that you just can’t do math or that math is something that is hard or to be feared?  This is a problem we need to address.

In North America, we are taught to fear math. We are told that math is the sport of geniuses and the rest of us mere mortals should be very afraid. In Asia, kids are taught that anyone can do math with practice and on average, they do better.