Is Technology a Distraction?

It is natural to be distracted! We need to stop judging ‘young people’ and their being distracted, having short attention spans, or whatever other denigrating phraseology we can come up with about them being less engaged in classrooms across North America.

Collectively, we have an obligation to engage those that we are teaching or working with.  To simply blame technology for students being ‘more distracted’ is both limp and counterproductive.  And by adpoting this mindset, we will never succeed in getting the ‘full attention’ of anyone.


Interesting post  – I encourage the reader to read the entire post (link above). What are your thoughts? Does digital technology distract? What else can distract? Should the educator expect full attention or earn it?


Digital Technology & Motivation

Technology’s role in today’s classroom, then, isn’t to motivate. It’s to give students opportunities to efficiently and effectively participate in motivating activities built around the individuals and ideas that matter to them.

This passage is in a post by Bill Ferriter on Larry Cuban’s blog. In the post it is from, the contention is made that technology itself does not motivate students, rather it is the opportunities it can help facilitate to engage students socially in things they are interested in. So start with the kids and the ideas, then look at which digital technologies can help support the learning.

(Original post: Are Kids Really Motivated by Technology? (Bill Ferriter) | Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice)