Internet Safety

Our obsession with online safety for children is excessive. It is driven by group-think and fear, generated by media and interested parties who often ignore any rigorous evidence-based approach to the issues, or even bother to explore a simple risk analysis.

Interesting post (Our Internet Safety Obsession Is Bad for Children | GeekDad | After reading this, check out danah boyd’s work (linked in the article) – great stuff! What do you think?


Good Advice: The Social part of Social Media

My advice is simple: Forget about Return on Investment; start thinking about Return on Engagement.

Will Deyamport gives good advice in a post about social media used simply to sell a product. I have been thinking the same thing about some (businesses, usually) who use social media, like twitter, in a very non-social way. A recent interview on CBC’s Spark also looked at the use of robot twitter accounts – I was somewhat dismayed at this ‘research’. Let’s keep social media … social .. for human interactions. What do you think?