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I’m so tired!

I am not quoting any of this post, except the title – you will have to go and read it all, very interesting. It kind of fits with the theme of the last post, too. What are you tired of?



In the past decade, I’ve seen teachers continue to be treating less like professionals and more like factory workers. While there may be a myriad of factors I point to the buzzword and notions of accountability as the main culprit. I have no “data” to back my claims but many conversations and observations of teachers who feel less empowered to use their professional judgment and more restricted by mandates and a narrowing of beliefs and approaches to how to best teach our children. In a world that offers much greater opportunity to customize and personalize learning, shouldn’t we be empowering and entrusting the adults to do the same

Could not say it better myself! Nice post by Dean Shareski.